Sushiba is the first fully-decentralized and deflationary token that unites food lovers with dog lovers

It is also a future looking token aimed at establishing an AI-Based decentralized Marketplace built around its uniquely themed decentralized applications.

Sushiba Features

Community Token Bonds

Contribute to Sushiba's growth by donating to the Marketing Wallet and getting fully repaid in Sushiba once target market cap goals are met!

Automated Tokenomics and LP

Tokenholders will be able to receive passive Sushiba earnings on each transaction, 2% of each transaction is redistributed, 2% is burnt.

AI Decentralized Marketplace

Sushiba's goal is that of creating an AI-Driven marketplace on which to spend, earn, farm your tokens, redeemable for real-world experiences.

AI-Based Decentralized Marketplace

The real-world uniqueness of Sushiba, comes from its goal of creating an AI-based decentralized marketplace on which tokens can be earned or farmed, which will also be spendable on real-world services or goods.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology has completely revolutionized the space of online transactions as it enables the creation of a peer-to-peer network run by many decentralized nodes with each transaction being verified by the network before approval.

AI Smart Shopping

However, many features that are taken for granted in modern day applications such as YouTube, Instagram and Netflix (i.e. machine learning systems to manage data and user preferences) are not as prevalent in the DeFi space as they are in their traditional centralized counterpart.

AI DeFi Marketplace

Sushiba aims at bridging this gap, by combining smart shopping reccomendations, sentiment analysis and other AI-based systems with blockchain technology to build a living breathing truly interactable decentralized marketplace.

How to buy Sushiba?

Create a Wallet

Download Trust Wallet and create a wallet. You will need to remember your 12 word phrase and keep it a secret. Add Sushiba to your wallet by copying our contract address and pasting it to the "Add Custom Token" search bar or look it up on the Trust Wallet search, which you can find by tapping on the top-right icon.


Buy Binance Smart Chain (BNB)

You can either buy Regular BNB and then swap for Smart Chain BNB (if Moonpay is the provider this option may take less time) or buy Binance Smart Chain (BNB) directly (may involve proof of identity). After purchasing, there may be a delay while your transaction is processed.

Connect the Wallet to PancakeSwap

Either through their website, or if you have Trustwallet, you can find PancakeSwap on your DApps or Browser section once trust://browser_enable is typed in Safari (Not Supported on iPhone any longer).

Swap BNB for Sushiba!

Perform the swap on PancakeSwap, setting the slippage anywhere from 5% to 12%, and inputting the contract address in the bottom token field. Finally, go back to your wallet and add Sushiba to your portfolio and you are all set!

The Roadmap

The road towards an AI-based decentralized Marketplace


Who are the founders of Sushiba?

Andrea Chello


Weiyu Tang


Contribute to our Marketing Wallet!

You can Contribute to Helping us Achieve the Goals on our Roadmap and be a member of the Community Token Bonds by using the wallet address listed below:

We are a community-powered project aimed at establishing an AI-based decentralized marketplace

Our community is growing with each passing day and their support has been amazing from day one of the project's launch.

Many of you know by now that our word is our bond and we will document any transaction from this wallet and let the community know how funds will be spent. We are here to stay and we want to grow with you for a long time!

Contributions of any size are welcome!


Accepting any BEP-20 Token, preferably BSC