Marketing Short-Term Plan

A step-by-step plan for Sushiba's short-term marketing.

1. Organic growth on Social Media

  • Daily Reddit Posts on each major crypto subreddit
  • Daily Telegram Posts on each major crypto Telegram Group
  • Daily Twitter Updates

2. Community Polls

We will make community polls to choose our next hashtag. We will pick the 5 best names you can come up with and make a poll. We will also get that hashtag trending on Twitter by posting it everywhere. We will also need the community’s help

3. PancakeSwap Icon

PancakeSwap and Trust Wallet Icons Completed

4. YouTubers

We need to show our presence on Youtube videos, let them know we are here to stay by commenting our token name and gaining their attention

5. Paid Advertisement

We will open a marketing wallet below in order to help pay for paid advertisement.

6. Listing Sushiba on Token Discovery Websites

7. Airdrops

We will starting Airdrops with our official accounts very soon, stay tuned and be sure to follow us on twitter!