Community Token Bonds

A brand new concept introduced by Sushiba to help foster the growth of projects while still benefitting both investors and contributors.

1. Contribute to the Growth of Sushiba

You can Contribute to Helping us Achieve the Goals on our Roadmap by donating to our marketing wallet and being paid back in Sushiba once we hit our market cap goals!

Contributions of any size are welcome!

2. We will Need your Help to Reach our Targets

We will progressively increase our bugdet and market cap goals as we grow, since at each market cap goal achieved we can increase our budget targets making this an incredibly scalable solution.

3. Get Paid Back in Sushiba Once Goals are Met

Once the budget goals and market cap goals have been reached, you will get paid back in Sushiba out of the Dev Wallet's tokens in excess of 3%, which are accrued from the tokenomics of each transaction.

Community Token Bond Opt-Out Program

We have implemented a method for donators to declare they do not want to be repaid and want to opt-out of the program and simply donate out of their own generosity.

This has been created due to the majority of initial funds being donated by the admins, the team and loyal community members. Their committment to the project and wanting to opt-out of the reimbursement program is a testament to how string our team and comunity truly is. Some did choose to be reimbursed, but the bulk of them decided to let the funds stay in the marketing wallet.

How to Opt-Out?

Donator Sends 111 Sushiba to Marketing Wallet
We receive the amount minus the tokenomics of 4% in total is 106.56
The amount not-reimbursed goes towards the next goal

Progress towards Budget Goal

You can follow the progress of Sushiba's budget goal of below

Click on each bar to expand the content of the goals and progress

Main Purpose: Marketing

Paying Youtubers, influencers and Trust Wallet Icon

Market Cap Goal:

$1 Million

Budget Goal:



Remaining to Spend:



Main Purpose: Exchanges

Paying for various exchanges on which to be listed

Amount Donated:


Amount in Sushiba from Opt-Out Program:


Market Cap Goal:

$50 Million

Budget Goal:



Complete Walkthrough of How it Works

From Start to Finish the Steps involved in the Community Token Bond Program


Investors Contribute to Sushiba's Marketing Wallet

Any size contribution can be used and this will be accessible via our marketing wallet QR code or address below, or on the homepage.


Paid Advertisement Starts

Once we start collecting Community Token Bond donations, the paid advertisement will begin. The budget goal will not necessarily have to be met before we start advertising, it will all depend on our marketing strategies that will be communicated to all investors beforehand.


Sushiba Price Increases

Due to the increase in marketing and investor base, Sushiba would gain more attention and traction, thereby increasing its token value.

This increase in token price benefits the holders as their investment will be worth more.


Market cap Goal is Met

The end goal of Community Token Bonds is to contribute to Sushiba's growth and to meet our market cap goals, while still benefitting the contributors who participate in this program. The first market cap goal being to achieve a total of $1 million in market capitalization.


Investors are Paid Back their Initial Contribution and Enjoy the Benefits of the Growth of their Holdings

Once the market cap goal has been met, this will mean that the price of Sushiba would have increased, therefore increasing the overall value of each holder's investment.

On top of that, members of the community that participated in the Community Token Bond program will receive their initial contribution back once the market cap goals have been met, in the form of Sushiba tokens from the dev wallets' excess tokenomics amount, matching the dollar value of their contribution.

Start Now!

You can Contribute to Helping us Achieve the Goals on our Roadmap and be a member of the Community Token Bonds by using the wallet address listed below:

We are a community-powered project aimed at establishing an AI-based decentralized marketplace

Our community is growing with each passing day and their support has been amazing from day one of the project's launch.

Many of you know by now that our word is our bond and we will document any transaction from this wallet and let the community know how funds will be spent. We are here to stay and we want to grow with you for a long time!

Contributions of any size are welcome!


Accepting any BEP-20 Token, preferably BSC